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My name is John Anthony and I'm your Triangle Handyman. Briefly, after completing my Air Force service in 1973, I went back to school and obtained a BS in Electrical Engineering from the Bridgeport Engineering Institute in 1977. Since then I have worked as a design engineer for a number of companies, the longest being with IBM from 1979-1991.

Overall, the electronics business was very good to us, but over the last decade increasing globalization, rampant technology change, and the continual race to do everything faster convinced me it was time to move on. In 2005, I resigned my job as a Field Application Engineer and began offering my services as a handyman, which is something I've been doing since we bought our first home in 1978.

My wife Renie and I raised five children and lived in homes in Connecticut, Kentucky, Indiana and North Carolina - where we intend to stay!. Each house required some work or remodeling to make it better suit our needs.

Triangle Handyman Our first house shown here as it was when we bought it in 1978 was a real handyman special.

Typical of the houses built in factory towns at the turn of the century, it still had the original plaster and lath walls, knob and tube electrical wiring, drafty doors and windows, plus a long list of things that needed updating!

Remodeling our First House
In the 10 years we lived there we completely remodeled the house. I took down walls and built new ones to make rooms that better suited our needs. I rewired it and replaced all the two-prong outlets with standard grounded outlets. I built a deck off the back and setup an above ground pool next to it.

As our family grew I converted a large closet downstairs to a second bathroom and our attic became two more bedrooms. The living room was expanded in the back to make room for a piano and the front porch was converted into an entry hall and a sunny room for Renie's sewing business! Before we moved I put on vinyl siding. It was a great little house, but in 1989 it was time for us to leave the congestion, rising taxes and cold New England winters!

Pictures of some of the work survived in our family photo album. I never imagined they would someday be used on a web page. At that time the PC was still just an idea in someone's head!
Please click here to view them!

Our homes in Kentucky and Indiana were newer and in better shape but in each one I added and changed some things to make them more useable for us!

Constructing a New Building
We moved to North Carolina with the company I worked for in May 1997 and bought a young, comfortable house in Angier. The only problem we had was all the stuff we brought that had always been kept in attics or basements. This house had neither and our garage became a temporary storage area until we found a place to keep it.

Four months after we moved in I began building a 24x24, one and half story Office-Workshop-Storage building next to our home. Working as time permitted it took 8 months to complete.

I preserved some of this effort on digital media. To see John at work, again Please click here!

Handyman Business
These work histories have been offered to give you an idea of my capabilities as a tradesmen. It is not my intention to do major jobs on homes anymore. There are lots of very good contractors who will be happy to do them.

What I can do for you are the medium and small jobs that many contractors don't want to deal with. I continue doing repair and remodeling work in our home and in those of friends and customers and I can do the same for you!


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